Get Your Ford Automobile Ready at Benson Ford

Have you felt the weather cool down recently? As the weather gets colder, it's a sign that winter's around the corner. You don't have to let winter weather wreak Easley havoc on your Ford automobile. Instead, get ready for the winter by scheduling a visit to our service department.

Brake Check

When your vehicle stops, several brake-related parts of your automobile make this happen. Over time, every automobile's brakes wear down. You can avoid unsafely driving around Greenville by scheduling a brake check at our dealership. Our service department can check your vehicle's brake pads, fluid, and discs.

Oil Changes

An essential way to keep your automobile in great shape is by scheduling an oil change. An oil change removes the old and ineffective motor oil from your car. Our service department is ready to remove the worn-down oil from your automobile and replace it with your Ford engine's new oil. With new oil in your automobile, you can enjoy maximum performance around Piedmont.

Tire Rotations

Almost no part of an automobile wears down like tires. That's one reason experts recommend rotating your vehicle's tires every 7,000 miles. That said, depending on how often and where drivers drive, some tires can wear down faster than others. Your Ford automobile's tires are always directly taking on the road ahead.

Battery Service

Another import service to consider is the Battery Service. If you begin to see your headlights dim or are slow to start, we highly recommend you bring your vehicle in for a battery check. Here, we'll test the battery charge to determine if it needs replacing.

Tire Service

Fortunately, visiting our service department for a tire rotation helps your tires last longer before they need replacing. We can also replace the tires on your Ford automobile to help you drive safely around Anderson.

Collision Center

Along with our maintenance service, we also offer afull collision center. If you find yourself in a fender bender or accident, our team can help repair and put your vehicle in pristine condition. When you get it back, it will look like new.

When it's time to have professionals service your Ford automobile, visit Benson Ford. Our dealership's fast and friendly service department also offers lots of service specials to help you save money.