Ford Maverick | EcoBoost vs. Hybrid Engine


EcoBoost vs. Maverick Hybrid: Which Should You Choose?

The Ford EcoBoost® engine combines three technologies to create its unique, fuel-efficient appeal: direct fuel injection, turbocharging, and twin independent variable camshaft timing, also known as Ti-VCT. This combination improves power and fuel efficiency, helping even the most iconic Ford vehicles deliver good MPG ratings and long ranges.

The biggest distinction between a Ford EcoBoost® engine and the engine found in the Ford Maverick is that the latter is a hybrid powertrain. A hybrid engine uses both combustion and electric energy to power you through your day. In the Ford Maverick's case, the standard hybrid system in place uses a 2.5L engine and a single electric motor to deliver 191 horsepower and plenty of power. The Maverick is also available with the EcoBoost® engine, which boosts its power. However, it loses the electric motor.

Which Should You Choose?

Whichever engine and fuel type you choose should depend on how you typically drive and what you need your Ford for. If you need a Ford Maverick for casual driving around Greenville, you may want to opt for the hybrid engine. However, if you need more power for towing or hauling, the EcoBoost® engine may be your best bet.

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