Want to drive a brand-new Ford car right away? The pre-order window for Ford automobiles with the 2023 model year has started, and we at Benson Ford are happy to inform you that the best approach to begin savoring your new vehicle as quickly as possible is to place your order for your 2023 Ford.

Additionally, buying your automobile will allow you to choose the specific features and options you want and grant you priority status from the manufacturer. Our team is ready to assist you in expediting the ordering process and ensure that your purchase is submitted as soon as possible.

When Can I Place A 2023 Ford Custom Order?

At Benson Ford, we constantly work to stay one step ahead of the competition for our clients. We're happy to share a thorough guide to the upcoming 2023 Ford planned to release details and custom order provision.

As soon as a specific new Ford vehicle becomes available, we want to assist you in getting the deal you desire by informing you of the market. For all the forthcoming models you enjoy, like the Maverick or Explorer , our dealership in Easley has outlined the order availability.

Contact us if you are engrossed in custom-ordering any of these automobiles before they arrive. By earning a top place on the 2023 Ford reservation list, you could be among the first to drive it home.

Why Should You Pre-Order Your New Ford Today?

It's exciting to consider getting a new car near Greenville. You can pick the model you desire without being concerned about paying extra for features or a style that doesn't suit you.

We can assist you in getting behind the wheel of the new Ford vehicle you want when you pre-order one through our dealership for delivery in 2023. Pre Ordering a new car gives you priority status, where the development of your automobile jumps to the head of the queue.

You can add the elements and accessories you desire to your Ford when you reserve it, ensuring that it meets your requirements. By reserving or making a pre-order for a new Ford vehicle for 2023 in or around Piedmont, you can save time and take charge of your automotive future.

Your Ford, Your Choice

The Bronco Sport

The Bronco Sport is the perfect SUV for thrill-seekers, sightseers, and day-trippers. To facilitate your excursion into Piedmont outdoors, its tough build prioritizes practicality with a functional design that features widely accessible easy-to-clean areas and a ton of inside space due to its wide design of the safari-style roof.

The Ford Expedition

With the brand-new Timberline model or the Stealth Performance Edition Pack, you can take the Expedition on your next family excursion around Anderson. This extended assortment enhances overall on and off-road performance and capability.

The Ford F-Series

The finest truck of all time and among the most popular models overall is the Ford F-150. This Easley general fondness for these trucks stems from their ideal size, superior weight- and towing-carrying capacities, and faultless dimensions.

The F-150 Lightning was a significant step for Ford toward creating a reliable (and well-liked) electric vehicle; as a result, drivers in Greenville eagerly anticipate its release. The 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning's feature list is the same for all trim levels.

Check out the Ford bank ordering date timetable for 2023 on our page if you're eager to know when you can begin the ordering procedure. We keep this page updated with current bank ordering dates to let you know when to start making plans.

Get Started Now

You may count on our professionals to guide you through the ordering process and submit your order as soon as possible. For all drivers in and around Easley, get in touch with us at Benson Ford to learn more.

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